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Join Us: 10am-2pm on may 11, 2024

 Bingham Cyclery: 3156 Quarry Rd., Park City


Bingham Cyclery Park City is excited to bring you a day of E-bike experiences in conjunction with a variety of our dedicated community partners.


Get to know some of our valuable local non-profit organizations and join us for E-bike education and information, test rides, prizes, group rides, and more!

Schedule of Activities

Attend activities to win prizes. 

Bring questions for our community partners!

10:00am - Event start/test rides available

10:30am - E-Bike Education Course w/ Bike Utah

11:15am - PCFD E-Bike Battery Safety Course

11:30am - Group Ride

12:15pmPark City Hospital Stop the Bleed

12:30pm - E-Bike Education Course w/ Bike Utah

1:15pm - PCFD E-Bike Battery Safety Course

1:30pm - Park City Hospital Stop the Bleed

2:00pm - Event ends

Why Ride An E-Bike?

There are so many reasons! 

Here in Park City, E-bikes are great alternatives for making quick trips without traffic hassles. Grab groceries, take the kids to school, get yourself to work, and enjoy a fun ride on the way home. 

They can also make mountain biking with your friends on legal trails a whole new and positive experience!

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electric bike batteries

What are E-Bike Battery Best Practices?

E-bikes and the batteries that power them are safe when properly used and maintained.  Make sure you have the Owner’s Manual and any additional literature supplied with the e-bike. In coordination with the National Bicycle Dealers Association, we encourage adherence to the following guidelines to ensure maximum safety, utility, and life of your new e-bike and its amazing power pack.

E-Bike Battery Best Practices


Like most components on your bike, an electric bike battery will eventually wear out, not hold a charge, and need to be replaced. It's important to properly dispose of your old battery, and that's why we work with Call2Recycle to safely and responsibly recycle batteries! 

When you purchase any new e-bike from us, we charge a $15 battery recycling fee to encourage you to return that battery back at the end of its life. You can also recycle batteries from bikes you didn't purchase from us for $15 each. This fee covers the safe packaging, shipping, and processing of your battery.

e-bike battery recycling