BC Loves Community

BC Loves Community Nonprofit Organizations

Bingham Cyclery continues to be committed to the causes of charitable organizations throughout the Wasatch Front. In keeping with our goals we only donate to 501(c)3 organizations that encourage cycling as a lifestyle for all, getting more kids on bikes, and trail building, advocacy and maintenance. During the months of March through September, we select a nonprofit for each region (Salt Lake Valley and Weber/Davis County) to fundraise for at our shops via our BC Loves Community program.


Each nonprofit is highlighted for 4 weeks and customers are invited to donate at their time of purchase to that nonprofit’s cause. Additionally, Bingham Cyclery will highlight the nonprofit via social media and email and encourage donations, followers, and overall community building. At the end of the fundraising period, Bingham Cyclery will collect all donated funds and provide a match at 50% of what was earned in product donations that can include bikes, clothing, accessories, service gift certificates and more.


All nonprofit organizations interested in applying must have:

  • A current 501(c)3 status

  • Funding solicitation forms filed with the state of Utah

  • Programs focused on at least one the following three areas:

    • Encourage cycling as a lifestyle for all

    • Getting more kids on bikes

    • Trail building, advocacy and maintenance

  • A willingness to allow Bingham Cyclery to promote their organization via social media, email and other marketing outlets.

  • A willingness to send an email to your organization’s list  recognizing your participation in the BC Loves Community Nonprofit Program and encouraging people to shop at Binghams and support your cause.

  • Active social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), along with the willingness to post about the giving program at least 6 times during the 4 week fund drive and tag Bingham Cyclery in each post

  • Ability to supply data as needed via our reporting tool