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Quality Bikes For Riders of Every Level

Whether you are riding challenging trails all over the world or hitting the local bike path, Diamondback has a bike for you. The DB team appreciates every rider, no matter the ability level and they want every ride you go on to be the best ride it can be.  Their bikes are tested by true enthusiasts - they know what you want, because they want it too!

IZIP Bikes

IZIP makes awesome non electric and electric bikes. Their electric bikes  amplify your ride so you can travel further and faster. Explore miles of dirt roads and trails, skip the car or subway and supercharge your commute, or spend your weekend cruising in comfort, there’s an IZIP Bike for you.


Go the distance in complete comfort on the Alki 2, step-thru, a 24-speed hybrid comfort bike with a suspension seatpost and step-through frame.

Named after one of our favorite beaches in the Seattle area, the Alki 2 step-thru is focused on function, delivering the best of both worlds—a comfortable, upright riding position plus narrower tires and larger rims for efficient, longer-distance city riding and commuting.


Mobility is a measure of freedom, and the IZIP Tristar Plus takes it to the top! This versatile electric three-wheeler has the power to change your life with every pedal stroke. 

With its easy handling and responsive TranzX M16 center motor, running errands in the neighborhood, going for a picnic or taking you pup for a ride are things to look forward to. The large rear cargo basket, easy entry frame, thumb throttle option, and 3-speed drivetrain all make this electric trike a welcome member of the family.

The Tristar Plus


With superb stability, the IZIP Tristar 3-speed is ready for your next adventure. The 24” wheel in the front and the two 20” rear wheels keep the Tristar 3-speed stable enough to ride around town yet narrow enough to fit through an exterior door for easy storage. 

Your clothing will stay clean and dry thanks to the front fender and the chain guard. A lock on the front brake makes parking easy. The IZIP Comfort Tractor Saddle keeps the ride smooth and enjoyable. Whether you are taking a spin around the neighborhood, to the grocery store, or to the local park for a picnic, the Tristar 3-speed will get you there in style.

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Why Choose Diamondback?

Diamondback is dedicated to product development, which means they are constantly testing and developing new, original ideas to improve your cycling experience. 

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