Dynamic Suspension Tuning

Modern day suspension systems are capable of improving every rider's experience out on the trail, but many times the benefits of a rider's suspension are being underutilized. The Dynamic Suspension Tuning (DST) Process was developed by Specialized Bicycle Components University (SBCU) and Specialized Pro athletes with the goal of delivering the highest level of suspension performance.

By bracket testing the bike, we take the existing bike suspension, along with a defined process, and best tune the bike to your specific riding style and trails.


Baseline settings are the suspension settings that are result of proper static suspension setup. They play a crucial part of tuning because this is the starting point for any tune. Your DST service starts with a Static Setup of both your front and rear suspension. Measurements are calculated and then used in the following bracketed steps. 


Rebound is the suspension movement that occurs as the spring forces the shock or fork to extend. Rebound damping helps the suspension return to the proper position, after a bump or other irregularity causes the fork to compress, in a smooth and controlled motion. When your rebound is set properly the bike will settle quickly after a bump, it won’t continue to bounce, and although you will feel the bump it will be smoother. 


Compression damping attempts to keep the wheel from leaving the trail when going over a bump. Too soft and the wheel moves too quickly and travels further up in the stroke causing it to leave the road surface. Too hard and the energy doesn’t dissipate in the springs and instead travels to the steering head and frame causing the bike to “pop” up and again the wheel leaves the ground.


Dynamic suspension tuning is the way to take your bike to the next level, by tuning your suspension to you and your riding style to create the best ride quality possible. You'll be able to hit jumps more confidently, tackle technical terrain, roll through berms more smoothly and quickly, and have an overall improved riding experience after your appointment with a DST Specialist.


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