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Prepare To Hit the Road

Gravel road, paved road, any road. Here's the gear that will keep you comfy, help you stay safe, and help you get the most out of your miles.

Don't Forget Your Helmet

Your helmet is your most important piece of gear and should be worn on every ride. Depending on your riding style and preferences, you can choose a mountain-style helmet with a visor, or a lighter-weight, more vented road-style helmet.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Hydration packs are an option, but it's often easy to carry two waterbottles on your road or gravel bike too. No matter how you choose to hydrate, don't forget to actually drink what you carry!

Proper Footwear Makes a Difference

Road shoes and pedals go together, and mountain shoes clip into different pedals. Those who ride gravel bikes often wear mountain bike shoes and use mountain bike pedals. You can even use flats!

Prepare for a Repair

There is nothing worse than hiking your bike because you flatted and forgot a tube or a tire plug. To avoid that scenario, pack a saddle bag with the essentials for minor bike repairs. At minimum, your saddle bag should include a multi-tool, an extra tube, tire levers, a patch kit, and CO2 or a mini-pump. (We’d also pack a snack!)