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Prepare to Pedal the Pavement

 We’ve put together a list of the essential accessories for commuters, in-town e-biker riders, and casual cruisers. Whether you ride daily or once in a while, you'll benefit from protection, hydration, and some basic tools.

Use Your Noggin, Wear A Helmet

Wearing a helmet is an absolute must, and a comfortable helmet that fits will ensure you're safe and that you enjoy wearing it.

Stop in to try one on!

Lock It Up

Even for a quick trip, it's important to lock your bike any time you leave its side. Bike locks come in many different styles and security levels - some even have alarms. When choosing a lock, we always recommend erring on the more-secure side.

U-locks are more secure than chains or cable locks, and you can use more than one style of lock at a time to further secure your ride (and always secure your wheels!). Pro tip - lock your bike in a well lit, highly trafficked area using a lock that fits snuggly to prevent thieves from using tools to remove your lock(s).

Carry your Gear

No matter what you're toting, there are bags and baskets that can help you increase your carrying capacity. No need to rely on just a backpack. Many options are waterproof, many add style, and all are fun and functional.

Pump It up

A floor pump in the garage is a great tool to ensure your rides roll smoothly. And, taking some basic tools like a small pump or CO2 with you when you ride can help you get back home without much hassle. We also recommend installing Tannus liners and/or upgrading to tubes with sealant or tubeless tires for increased flat prevention.

MoRE Helpful Items

Depending on how long you ride, you might consider a way to carry some water. If your bike doesn't come with lights, and front and rear light can be important for commuters and errands that take a bit longer than expected. 

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