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Versatile, Reliable, Powerful

Liv Tempt E+ & Giant Talon E+

EXPAND YouR Possiblities

The Liv Tempt E+ and Giant Talon E+ electric bikes are ready to help you ride like never before. 

Flow through singletrack with balance and easy handling. Enjoy a smooth ride on bike paths and gravel. Check tasks off your errands list on your way home from work. 

The versatile and powerful Tempt E+ and Talon E+ let you do more by bike.

Pick One Riding STyle or Enjoy them all!




Designed for singletrack riding,  easily learn the basics and grow your skills.

Gravel roads & bike paths: 

Enjoy traction and easy handling in loose conditions.

Roads & paved trails:

 Wide tires and stable geometry provide confidence and stability.


Liv Tempt E+ 3
$2,300.00 $2,900.00 21% Savings
Giant Talon E+ 3
$2,300.00 $2,900.00 21% Savings

Liv Tempt E+ 3

Venture Further

Giant Talon E+ 3

Give Yourself A Boost


Turn your Tempt E+ or Talon E+ into the perfect commuter or singletrack shredder with accessories that fit your goals.

Hint: Try the Topeak MTX 2.0 Explorer 29er rack and Problem Solvers Seatpost Clamp to start your journey.

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