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Crunch Some Leaves With a Mountain Bike

Discover Off-Road Fun

Mountain bikes are designed to shred. From classic hardtails with front suspension to full-suspension beasts, we have a bike for every off-road adventure.

Hardtail Front Suspension Mountain Bikes

A Versatile Trail Rider

Hardtail, or front suspension, mountain bikes are great all-around off-road machines. Their simple design makes them a good choice for riding trails, gravel paths, light bikepacking, and even pavement.

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Shred Through Anything

Full-suspension mountain bikes are designed to tackle a variety of tricky terrain. Having front and rear suspension helps keep both wheels in contact with the trail for better traction and control.

Bingham High School NICA 

Student Highlight

Bryan is a third year rider and senior this year. He loves everything about the team and being around such great friends. But this season didn't start out so well for Bryan. In April he started having some scary health problems and in May he spent 28 days at Primary Children's Hospital. Bryan had a tumor in his pancreas that was causing him to have memory lapses, dizziness and  seizures. Surgery took care of the tumor but the road to recovery has been tough, both physically and mentally. Bryan is still under doctor supervision for continued minor problems, but he loves pushing past these problems to be on the bike and with his friends. Below is a list of the top 5 things Bryan has learned through this experience.

  1. Friends are AWESOME! Bryan loved when his fellow captains came and visited him in the hospital, their support and the support of the coaches and team made him feel special.
  2. You can't control what happens to you, but you can control how you respond. Bryan was at the mercy of doctors to find the tumor and remove it. There were some dark and ugly days through this experience and he had to constantly remind himself to control the things he can control.
  3. Strength for cycling is easy to lose and takes serious effort and dedication to gain. One thing Bryan has hated this year is how much slower he is, but that isn't stopping him for being out there with his friends doing something he loves.
  4. Quitting is not and option! With so many missed practices and so much strength lost it would be easy for Bryan to drop off the team, but Bryan recognizes he has made . a commitment to BMB and plans to race every race and support his fellow riders even if that means last place. 
  5. Having a group to belong to makes all the difference in the world. The Bingham Mountain Bike team has given Bryan a place to belong and a group of friends that will last a lifetime. Mountain biking hasn't been about being in first place (that's Gabe's job) but about being with people who are strong and like minded. People who celebrate with you when you have a great race and cry with you when you don't. People who support you for being you and always have your back.