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We're really good at a lot of things, but it's also important to know when other professionals have more skill and expertise. That's why we work with several local businesses that are the absolute best at what they do!

Learn more about factory suspension services from Suspension Syndicate, carbon fiber repairs from East Bench Composites, we recycle tubes and tires with Tannus, and spent e-bike batteries with Call2Recycle.

Learn a bit more about each of our experts:


Suspension Syndicate East Bench Composites Tannus Call2Recycle


Suspension SyNDICATE

We're happy to replace seals and assess service needs, but when it's time for factory services, we send forks and shocks to Suspension Syndicate.

Located in Salt Lake City, Suspension Syndicate has a customized workspace, specific tools and machinery, Suspension Syndicate is able to get your suspension dialed and back to your bike quickly. And, we facilitate it all!

Give your closest Bingham Cyclery store a shout to schedule your service and find out if your suspension could be riding a whole lot smoother!

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East Bench Composites

Did your carbon fiber baby get a booboo? East Bench Composites, can repair carbon fiber cracks and scratches sustainably, reducing the amount of time and resources it takes to get you riding again.

Curious about some damage? EBC can inspec it with ultrasound technology to make sure your baby is safe to ride!

The staff at your closest Bingham Cyclery location will help you with any disassembly or reassembly required, and transport the bike to and from Ogden for you.

 Give us a call now to get that crack, dent, or puncture patched up and ready to ride!

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 Tannus Tube Recycling

Don't throw away your tubes or tires. Bring them to us!

e-bike battery recycling


Like most components on your bike, an electric bike battery will eventually wear out, not hold a charge, and need to be replaced. It's important to properly dispose of your old battery, and that's why we work with Call2Recycle to safely and responsibly recycle batteries! 

When you purchase any new e-bike from us, we charge a $15 battery recycling fee to encourage you to return that battery back at the end of its life. You can also recycle batteries from bikes you didn't purchase from us for $15 each. This fee covers the safe packaging, shipping, and processing of your battery.