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Bingham Cyclery is proud to support the Trails Foundation of Northern Utah. The organization's work is done in our backyard, the favorite trails and paths of our Sunset and Ogden staff and customers. This phenomenal network attracts riders from across the Wasatch and beyond.   

Trails Foundation Northern Utah builds trails that create a culture where all have places to walk, run and ride as they enjoy nature and connect with their neighbors in Northern Utah.

 The mission of Trails Foundation is to plan, promote, preserve, protect, construct and maintain a network of public pathways, trails, and related open spaces for non-motorized users throughout Northern Utah.


ENCOURAGE outdoor recreation and active transportation for personal well-being;

ENABLE everyone to travel safely without the use of personal motor vehicles;

PROTECT and PRESERVE public access to trailheads, mountains, rivers, open spaces, and public lands;

RESPECT private landowners;

EDUCATE, ADVOCATE and RAISE AWARENESS for proper trail etiquette for all trail users;

PROMOTE economic development by providing an outdoor infrastructure that attracts businesses and tourism;

SUPPORT active transportation initiatives by providing solutions that will reduce motor vehicle transportation costs and improve air quality;

PARTNER with public, private, and nonprofit organizations who share our vision for the future of Northern Utah;

CREATE community pride as neighbors interact and come to appreciate their natural environment.

You CAn Help!

From contributing through donations to spending time at trail work days to volunteering at events, TFNU has loads of ways for you to get involved.
Building and maintaining trail takes a lot of effort, but it's much easier when we all help out.