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The Wildflower Cycling Club presented by Bingham Cyclery

  • The Wildflower Cycling Club provides a community for women who love to ride bikes.  Goals of this club include getting more women out riding, learning, and having fun!  Members of this club support and encourage each other as we work together to be able to ride faster, farther, or to just feel better on our bikes.  Along with our weekly group rides we will have a variety of classes, clinics, and activities for club members.
  • This club is for women of all ages, fitness levels, and cycling abilities.  Whether you are new to cycling, want to improve your cycling skills, are trying to get in better shape, or just want to ride with a group of great women, this club is for you!
  • There will be 2 group road rides and 2 group mountain bike rides happening each week.  The road rides will be held on Tuesday evenings one in the Ogden area (North) and one in the Salt Lake area (South).  The mountain bike rides will be held in conjunction with Women MTB.
  • Information about the Wildflower Trailfest mountain bike clinics will be posted soon!

For general questions about the club, please contact Kim at

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