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We LOVE Feedback

Thanks for taking the time to make Bingham Cyclery the best bike shop for you and your life. As a token of our appreciation, we'll enter you into a drawing for a $250 gift certificate that is valid at any one of our four locations, just for taking the time to complete this short survey by October 31, 2016

This survey is meant to take up to 10 minutes total, though it typically takes less than that. The more information you share, the better we can serve you.

Thanks again... you're a gem!


Necessary ONLY if you want to be eligible for the gift card drawing.
I see value in the products offered by the store
I like the opportunities that the store gives me to develop my riding skills
I like the people that I ride with
I enjoy interacting with the employees at the store
I know about all the products and services I need to have a great experience on the bike
I see value in the services offered by the store
Since I started frequenting this store I have grown my riding skills as a result of their advice
I feel like the people I ride with respect me
When I leave the store I feel like a part of their community
The store is easy to shop and the layout helps me find the things I need
The store respects any budget I present them and doesn’t try to hard sell me
The employees check in on my riding and make sure I have all I need to succeed
There is always lighthearted banter when I talk to the employees at the store
The employees at the store are grateful for my patronage
Getting to and from the store is stress free
I think the store offers good value in comparison to the local competition
The store provides opportunities to learn skills to improve my riding
I often hang out with the people I ride with when not riding
I would consider many of the employees at the store as personal friends
If I need help above the expected from the store they are happy to figure out a solution