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Indoor Training by Max Testa

Our indoor cycling program utilizes a science-based approach to promote the maximum amount of improvement possible in each 6-week period. The program was designed by Dr. Max Testa, who is a respected cycling expert with more than 30 years of experience. Dr. Testa currently coaches the BMC Professional Cycling Team as well as the 2016 Olympic Cycling Gold Medalist. Our cycling program allows you to vastly improve your performance over the winter while participating in fun, motivating power-based training sessions. By individualizing your training zones from your blood lactate test, utilizing the accuracy of wattage output for power control, and adding in some rocking music and healthy amounts of peer pressure, Bingham's cycling program will optimize your time on the trainer.

All Sessions and Special events will be held at our Sunset location.

We are dedicated to helping you grow and improve in your cycling, the sessions are split into three 6-week training sessions. The cost per session is $280 and include's a trainer and power meter to track your progress. We also have space set aside in our shop to store your bike so you don't have to travel back and forth with it.

Participants will get Lactate Test for a an introductory rate of $125. That is a $25 savings. Max Testa and his team will conduct the testing. This submaximal test performed on your own bike is an important and accurate indicator for measuring your present fitness and predicting future performance. Based on your individual test, Max Testa Training will develop a personalized fitness profile. This important information, whether using watts or heart rate as a guide, will make training effective and ensure that every mile counts! 

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we had a great winter training season. join us next year.