Limited time offer: Get a FREE* bike when you sell and purchase a new home with Home Sweet Utah Home! Ashley Cordon is a an avid petal pusher who loves to serve her fellow bike enthusiasts. Invested in relationships, committed to providing stand-out service, and a master of negotiations, Ashley is your leading real estate expert with a unique line of services to help each client maximize their experience. Go to for more information, and be sure to follow the Facebook business page Realty By Ashley for market news, housing tips, events, and more!

Offer expires 1/31/2019. 

*1% commission of each transaction will be applied as an in-store credit at Bingham Cyclery to be used at the customers discretion. The median home sales price in Salt Lake County is $340,000. Based upon that, an average in-store bike credit for a customer who sells and buys a home would be $6800!