Bikes are Fun, Racing is Stupid –Bob Saffell

In and around the world of racing your bicycle with Bob.

I ride 5-6 days a week and race, probably close to 40 times a year. MTB Cross Country, MTB Endurance, CycloCross and occasional Gravel Grinder. (I tried fat bike racing for the first time in January 2016, it almost ruined me, and so, I will stick with fat bike riding.)

I race because I enjoy it, I enjoy pushing myself and seeing what I can accomplish. I race because the community of racers is awesome. I race because, occasionally I have that event where everything comes together and I feel strong, fast and smooth, and occasionally I may win, or I might finish in the back of the pack, but that “perfect race” feeling is 2nd to none. Ok, I admit it, I have won a few races over the years and that too is fun.

Racing introduced Lyna and I to some of our best friends since we moved to Utah in 1998. Racing then led to joining a team, then starting a new team with a few friends. That team, Scalded Cats Racing, aka Bingham Cyclery-Peak Fasteners, has grown and become quite a force within cycling in Utah. We’ve had national champions in many disciplines as well as a masters world champion. We are regular at regional MTB events and local CX events. More importantly we have a large footprint in advocacy.

We have team members that serve on the Utah NICA board (incoming president included). I myself was recently voted in as a member of the MTB Committee with USA-Cycling. We have representation at the Utah Cycling Association, we have many volunteer coaches for NICA, we have team members who help teach kids to bike with Basin Recreation in Park City, we have team members who lead group rides and clinics for newcomers, we travel together and suffer on the bike and laugh a lot off the bike. Oh, we also have donuts, bacon and beverages.

I will be writing here a few times a month to tell everyone about racing in Utah, racing in the region, USACyclings offers and challenges as well as how Bingham Cyclery supports these efforts.

Happy Trails…

Editors Note: Bob Saffell is the captain of our Bingham Cyclery-Peak Fasteners Team and an all-around good guy.