Community: January WomenMTB Clinic

Last year we made some steps to bring about a whole new chapter to the Bingham Cyclery Family.  We have started working together with the WomenMTB club to strengthen and grow the community of female cyclists in Northern Utah.   This past week we had the opportunity to host the first of many events specifically to help women grow their knowledge and love for biking.


In January we were honored to have Rae Sutherland the brains behind the WomenMTB club and one of our Wasatch Women Club group ride leaders bring Christine Dern in to teach ladies basic trailside maintenance like changing a flat and fixing a broken chain.  They also shared lots of tips on what to carry in your pack ideal psi for your ride and tons of other great info.

Christine Dern raced downhill in 2005 then stopped, started back up again in 2011 through 2013, she went pro in 2011. She was Utah rider of the year in 2011 in the Cycling Utah Magazine. She has raced in Peru.  She is the bike ambassador for And She's Dope Too. She works for Competitive Cyclists and also is a brand rep for 5.10. She races for Rude Boys. Lives and breaths bikes, skis and dabbles in much more.  

Rae Sutherland has raced a handful of enduro races. Won, "queen of the mountain" title at her second ever enduro race in Washington State. This just means she was the fastest overall female time in the longest leg of the race. She has been riding as long as she can remember and is certified as a MTB coach through PMBIA (Level 1 Certified). 

We are so excited to continue working with WomenMTB on future projects and hope you will all join us!