Bike Bucket List: Bob Saffell

The MTB and Gravel world has no shortage of bucket list events, events that sell out in minutes, events that require lotteries, events your co-workers ask you if you have done once they find out you ride bicycles. Most of these events take at least 5 hours to complete some take 12+. The common theme I try to share with people is that, if you have one of these events on your calendar, there are many ways to be prepared, hire a coach, or don’t, ride your bike, a lot. Rest, a lot. Race, a lot. Wait, what? Yes, RACE, a lot. We have so many options in Utah for dirt racing there are so many options. The InterMountain Cup, The GRO Races, The MidWeek Series, The Weekly Race Series, The Mt Ogden Series, The Wild Horse, etc…  Participating in these events will help you prepare for that MTB Stage Race, That Dirt Road Race in the Sky, That P2P Race in PC or whatever floats your boat. Racing multiple times before these big events will help you in the below ways;

  1. Racing is way better than intervals, always, forever.

  2. Racing helps you work out bike position and preferences, Riding fast is NOT the same as racing.

  3. Racing often helps you alleviate the race day nerves.

  4. Racing often helps you work out and refine your pre, during, and post race nutrition.

  5. Racing often gets you out there, pushing yourself and meeting like minded fools.

Keep your eyes peeled to the Bingham Cyclery Peak Fasteners Facebook page, as we will have a presence at most of these events, come hang out with us, pre ride with us, hit group rides with us.

Bikes are Fun


Editors Note: Bob Saffell is the captain of our Bingham Cyclery-Peak Fasteners Team and an all-around good guy.