Mothers Day for Cycling Moms

I know, you are thinking what we all have been thinking the last week.

'How on earth do I find a gift that represents how much I love her?'

We are here to help.  Here is a little list of awesome goods that the mom in your life will LOVE brought to you by Sandra the marketing guru at Bingham Cyclery and mom of 4.

$25 and Under at Binghams

Here are a few gifts I have gotten in the past that were completely amazing, useful, and won't break the bank. 

Tire Levers: These are a fantastic and every cyclist needs a good pair.  Mine are Lime Green and I got my mom some Hot Pink ones for her birthday.  The fun colors make for a great gift and the price of $3.49 it would be silly to pass them up.

CO2 Pump: Something that I just can't live without in my MTB backpack and my road saddlepack is a quick way to fill up a new tire instead of spending 20 minutes with a tiny hand pump.  If she doesn't know how to use one you can give her a bonus gift by attending one of our shop clinics where our team can teach her how to use her new pump and change her tire!

Water Bottles:  You can find our water bottles on line but if you want something super special check out our selection of custom bottles in each of our shops.  They are fun, stylish, and she will be grateful for the hydration on her ride.

As a side note, these would make a great 'container' for some of the other smaller items we have in stock as well!

We have plenty of there things in this price range that would make wonderful gifts, like multi tools, tubes, gloves, and socks these were just some of my favorite picks.  They make great stand alone gifts but are also easy to pair with other gifts.


If your mom already has all the mandatory items for cycling you might be looking for something a little more fun and we have what you need!

Cycling Chicks Jewelry:  This stuff is just gorgeous and super creative.  You will find everything we cary in bright pink boxes near the checkout at our Ogden and Sandy stores.  They are hard to miss and as a mom pining for one of my own I can safely say if she likes bikes she will LOVE something from this collection!

Hats:  It doesn't matter if I've just been cruising pavement or getting dirty on the trail, I usually don't want to be seen with helmet hair.  Hats are a total life saver and if you have one that looks good you won't mind running a few errands on the way home.  We have a huge selection of hats online and in all of our shops.  Come find one that your mom will love! I personally love the green and grey combo on this one.



Every girl wants to look good, especially when we are working hard and sweating our guts out. That last part might just be me but oh well.  We have some wicked sweet Items in the clothing department that I'm sure your mom needs!

Fox Ripley SS Jersey:  This is by far one of the comfiest jersey's I've ever ridden in and its cute enough that you can get away with wearing it around town.  We have them in stock at the stores and online.  Bonus points because it's actually on sale right now!

Binghams 2017 Kit:  This is just gorgeous!  it is super comfy fabric and the chamois is hands down the best around.  Plus, you can't get much better than having one of the most popular local trails on your flashy new kit!

While you are at it you might just need to grab yourself one because they are that awesome! We have bibs, shorts, and 2 different styles of top in women specific kits.


The Holy Grail of Mothers Day gifts would be a new bike!  At Binghams Cyclery we have bikes to fit everyones needs.  We have amazing commuter bikes, fast and comfy road bikes, tandem bikes, and mountain bikes that rip up the trails.  So find out what the mom in your life is looking for and come grab one for her at Binghams!  Here is a list of a few that you might want to have a look at.

Alibi: This rad ride is great for commutes, especially considering that it has a tire your mom will never have to worry about getting a flat on.

Ruby: This road bike is not only sexy its totally comfortable.  The new technology from specialized makes this bike a dream to ride.

Rhyme:  If the mountains are calling this bike just might be the ticket.  The suspension is killer and if you want a little more fun you can go with the 6fattie version that feels like a Cadillac.

This is by no means an extensive list of what your sweet cycling momma might like for Mothers Day so swing by one of our shops and have a look around.  We have a little bit of everything that anyone who loves bikes would want.