Brent | Employee Spotlight

Brent Budge_Sales2.jpg


If you need someone to put a smile on your face go find Brent in our downtown Salt Lake City location.

Dream Bike:

2018 S Works Tarmac Dura-Ace DI2

Current Ride:

Expert Roubaix Ultegra DI2


I got started in the cycling world 30 years ago when a friend of mine invited me to ride a charity ride with him.  That day I rode a Specialized Hardrock on a 50 mile road ride and came in 2nd out of 10 friends I rode with because I didn’t want any crap about not being able to finish.  I enjoyed it so much I kept riding.  10 years ago I retired from being a regional director at Red Robin and decided to get paid playing with bikes.  I started working at a shop in California which I managed for a while then moved to Utah and started working here at Bingham.  I really love working in bike sales because I feel like I have the opportunity to touch people’s lives and change them for the better.  There is nothing more gratifying than sharing riding experiences with other riders.  My reward is seeing the smile on peoples faces when they walk out with a new bike or a tip that I can provide to make their next ride even better.

Why I Love To Bike Where I Live:

The thing that really gets me charged about cycling in Northern Utah is the amazing back country roads at my disposal.  The roads are wide open, the scenery and places you can go are just phenomenal.  The hustle and bustle in California was inescapable so the fact that I can get out on a rural road and go for miles without seeing another person is very special.  Sometimes I think those that I ride with get tired of me always commenting on how lucky we are to be in this moment with each other.

If you want to get to know Brent, you can find him at our Salt Lake City shop. Stop by and say “Hi” or join him on one of the shop group rides.