To CX or Not to CX? That is the Question

by Bob Saffell

I love Cyclocross. I have raced Cyclocross for over 15 years in Utah, occasionally traveling outside of the state for bigger races.  Every year after a long endurance MTB race season, exhausted,  I question whether or not I am going to extend my season and race Cyclocross. Every year I just show up and regardless of whether or not I podium or bring up the back of the pack, I have a blast.


I love it so much that I thought I’d try to convince you to join us…


Why should you try Cyclocross:

1.     Fun, no, really it is super fun, great community and camaraderie. The courses are challenging, but not selective. No 1,000 foot climbs here. The racers in the waves before and after you will cheer you on (or heckle you).

2.     Skill Building. If you are a MTB or Road rider/racer you will benefit from railing skinny tires around grass, gravel, dirt corners, multiple times over for multiple 1.5 mile or so laps.

3.     Fitness with tight schedules.  You can spend minimal for training and on race day. You will generally come into the Cyclocross season with lots of MTB, Gravel or Road miles in your legs. Racing every Saturday along with a few other rides during the week is a good way to stay fit.


4.     New Friends. Meet people from other teams and other disciplines. Cyclocross attracts, MTBers, BMXers, Roadies, Gravelites and Recreationalists alike. More friends who like to pedal bicycles is always a good thing.

5.     New toys. Eventually, if you take a liking to it, a new Cyclocross bike will be needed, Cyclocross bikes are relatively affordable and you absolutely do not need the top of the line to race. You will however get caught in the tire pressure and tubeless vs. tubular debates.


6.     Donuts. Yes, Team Bingham Cyclery-Peak Fasteners brings Donuts to every race, for everyone, on our team or not.  We also bring beverages and occasionally salted meats and cheese.

7.     Fun. It is fun, sometimes there is mud. Sometimes there is snow. Sometimes its 90 degrees.

Do yourself a favor and come try one out.

There are four Utah Cyclocross races left including the 2018 USA Cycling State Championship on November 17th.