We service all bicycle brands and styles, with an emphasis on preventative maintenance, emergency repairs, and component upgrades.

Our mechanics are available to fix flats, perform safety checks, build new bikes and box bikes for shipping.

Any new bike purchased through Bingham Cyclery comes with a free Basic Tune Up within 60-days of the bike purchase. 

We recommend an annual tune-up in order to make sure your bike is pedaling safely and to assess wear and tear on components before a bigger problem arises.

Most Basic Tunes are currently completed on a 48-hour turn-around schedule, though timing may vary depending on the extent of service needed. 

Bike safety check: $35

  • Evaluate bike for needed repairs
  • Tighten all bolts & quick release
  • Ensure correct component installation
  • Align handlebar, stem, saddle, & levers
  • Inflate tires to correct pressure
  • Lube chain

Annual Bike Service: $60

  • Safety check +
  • Adjust shifting & cables, front & rear
  • Adjust brakes & cables, front & rear
  • Stand true wheels
  • Wipe down frame
  • Align derailleur hanger

Complete bike overhaul: $200

  • Annual Service & Cleaning +
  • Full strip down and overhaul of entire bike
  • New bar tape or grips
  • New cables & housing
  • Sealant top-off
  • Free shift adjustment within 30 days (cable stretch)
  • Bonus: Brake bleeds only $12.50 per brake when combined with Bike Overhaul

annual bike service + cleaning: $110

  • Annual Service +
  • Deep clean cassette, chain & Crank
  • Clean & polish frame
  • Resurface brake pads & align rotors
  • Adjust bottom bracket, hubs, & headset
  • Install additional parts at no charge

Basic Services

  • Flat Repair: $10-15

  • Tubeless Setup: $15-25

  • Tubeless Top Off: $5-10

  • Wheel True: $13-27

  • Wheel Build: $60

  • Brake Adjustment: $13-20

  • Brake Bleed: $25

  • Shifting Adjustment: $13

  • Derailleur Install: $27

  • Hub Overhaul: $27-40

  • Rush Service: $30

  • Cleaning; Frame+Drivetrain: $40

Suspension Services

sizing + Fit Services

Preferred Service Plans



if you are LOOKING FOR a SERVICE THAT'S NOT LISTED HERE or have questions about what is included in listed services please CALL OR STOP BY FOR AN ESTIMATE.