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The Load4 60. The ultimate across-the-board. Perfect handling in every situation – on tarmac, forest trails, or gravel roads: the Load4 60 is so maneuverable and agile that you never feel like you’re on a cargo bike. Its low center of gravity, the Bosch Cargo Line motor, and Riese & Müller Control Technology to ensure a dynamic and outstanding riding experience. Suitable for younger generations too. Children are the most valuable cargo anyone can carry. Their safety comes first. The five-point seat belts for up to two smaller children age 7 or younger and a comfortable, cushioned seat position ensure relaxed riding around town and in the countryside. The two 5-point belts for two smaller children and a comfortable, cushioned seat position ensure relaxed riding around the town and countryside. For all-around safety, this equipment version is available only with side walls. Loading surface approved for up to max. 65 kg. Please observe national regulations for the transport of children on bikes before using. Fun and safety are not mutually exclusive. Admittedly, not everyone immediately thinks of fun on two wheels when you hear the words “cargo bike”. But this changes when you sit on a Load with Control Technology. The optimised chassis and the finely tuned full suspension ensure optimum comfort, safe riding even at higher speeds, excellent road holding and thus top-of-the-range riding dynamics. Vibrations and shocks, such as from cobblestones or kerbs, are significantly cushioned.
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