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You know you've been dreaming of that new ride, admit it! But the hassle of selling your current bike is not sitting high on your priority list. We've got you covered. Let's take the equity you have in your bike and apply it to a brand new one. Simple. Just the way we like it, right?


  • Instantly unlock the cash value of your used bike by trading it toward the purchase of your new bike at one of our bike shop Trade-in Partners
  • Skip the hassle and cost of fixing, washing, and shipping your used bike
  • Avoid issues with listing and selling your bike on your own, not to mention dealing with potential scams
  • Use the search feature or scroll through our nationwide network of Trade-In Partners by state to find a participating bike shop near you
  • Get a value for your used bike in a matter of minutes and get store credit toward your new ride immediately


Roll that beauty in to any one of our four locations and let our valuation experts give you an accurate and honest value for your trade-in. 

We'll apply that value to a new bike purchase.

And voila! You are pedaling that shiny new bike out the door and onto your next adventure

What are you waiting for?!

*Sorry, no department store bicycles or bicycles older than 2014.

**A $70 convenience fee is assessed per bicycle trade-in which includes boxing bike and shipment fees.