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bike basics and Tech Tips


Why are there so many lubes? What gear do I need to fix a flat? 

Owen, our service manager in Sandy, answers some of your most pressing questions. 

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Treat Your DrivetRain Well


When you take good care of your bike, you can spend more time in the saddle and it will spend less time in Owen's mechanic stand. 

While professional bike maintenance is an important part of your bike's health (we recommend at least a full tune-up annually), there are lots of ways you can prolong the life of your components. One of the easiest is cleaning and lubing your chain.

Fend off Flats


We wish we could tell you you'll never get a flat tire. Maybe sometime we will have the technology to completely eliminate them.

For now, we can utilize some easy methods to greatly reduce your chances of flatting. From Tannus inserts to tubeless tire set-ups to combinations, we can help you ride confidently.

Gear to Fix a Flat


Whelp, we told you that we couldn't completely eliminate flat tires. And now you have one. Don't worry! There are lots of easy ways to get rolling again.

Depending on what your tube or tubeless situation is, there is aways a way to get you back to your home or car. All you need is the right gear and a little practice.

Need a flat fixing refresher? Visit our Instagram page and click on the Fix a Flat highlight!

Mountain Bike Tires


Ever get overwhelmed when you see how many mountain bike tires we carry? Sometimes we do too. But we're here to help! Tires give you traction, control, and stability. Different types of surfaces (dusty, tacky, slippery) can sometimes call for different tread patterns.

In general, your front tire helps you steer and brake, while your rear helps give you climbing grip and additional braking control. 

We're happy to talk through where and how you ride to help you pick your best tire combo!

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