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Effortlessly Travel Over the Hills And Through Town

Riese & Müller e-bikes combine top-end components, sensible features, reliability and a more performance oriented ride posture to create the perfect bikes no matter what utility you choose. For the daily rider, performance e-bikes will make it not only easy to get to where you need to go, but a joy. Let us help you explore the world with a Riese & Müller e-bike today.


We offer a fleet of Riese & Müller bikes for you to test ride at our Salt Lake City store. Whether you choose to take a spin or already know which bike model is best for you, we will guide you through the many options available to customize your ride. We will place an order for your bike with Riese & Müller. Your bike is crafted in Germany and shipped directly to us to prepare for you.

Cargo & KIDS

It's a brave new world where everything is possible by electric bike. With a cargo e-bike you've got a truck, a minivan, and a beautifully handling urban commuter, all in one smart package. Fun, functionality, and utility.

load 75

Even more space for your freedom.

With its low centre of gravity, Riese & Müller Control Technology and a huge loading surface, the Load 75 combines riding dynamics and load options, like no other cargo bike. Feel the wind in your hair, enjoy the speed, quick stops and fast starting. And take as much with you as you need. This is what freedom feels like. The strong Bosch Cargo Line Cruise motor delivers hitherto unknown power. And the Load 75 is also extremely reliable, thanks to its high-grade components.

Multicharger Mixte

Everything and everyone on board.

Taking the two little ones to nursery during the week, heading off on a day outing with kit and caboodle or perhaps a big family shopping trip? No matter what your plans are: the Multicharger Mixte is up for anything. What’s its special feat? It handles with the lightness of a normal E-Bike, while boasting superior safety. And, thanks to the comfortable step-through, getting on and off could not be easier.

Multicharger GT

The Ultimate Adventurer.

A day trip to the mountains or a few days camping at the lake? No matter what adventure awaits you, the Multicharger will take everyone and everything with you. Passengers young and old will find their spot. And the best thing is: it handles with the agility of a normal E-Bike, while boasting top-of-the-line safety. It leaves a lasting impression with its off-road appearance. Bring on the adventure.

Cruising & Comfort

Whether you are commuting to work or taking trips through the countryside on the weekends, comfortable e-bikes will make the journey a pleasure. A comfort bike is not just easy and fun to ride, but will allow you to be comfortable all the while with plush accessories, ergonomic designs, and stable handling.


Sporty. For everyday use. Unique.

From its striking lines to its carrier and fully integrated battery and motor – the unique design of the Homage cannot fail to impress at first sight. Riese & Müller Control Technology with full suspension ensures exceptional riding comfort with top-of-the-line safety. The low step-through allows easy handling in city traffic.


Super sporty. Super comfortable.

It's distinctive design, coupled with its integrated battery and powerful drive, make the Nevo3 a real gem for everyday use. It impresses with its high level of riding comfort and pleasant handling thanks to its low step-through. Even longer outings are a piece of cake, thanks to the optional DualBattery boasting up to 1,125 Wh.

Urban & Commute

Add some true power to your pedals when you choose to commute. These reliable performance bikes won’t let you down as they enhance your overall experience and feel of the ride.


E-bike for the city and commuting.

Whether for the daily commute or sporty rides, the Charger4 boasts sporty geometry, a dynamic chassis with suspension fork and comfort seatpost, and the latest generation of Bosch motor, making it the ideal E-Bike for everyday life. Thanks to clever details, daylight-bright lighting and continuous light, it is perfect for riding in any weather and can be parked outside with ease.

Mountain & Trail

These electric e-MTB mountain bikes let you do it all, offering new opportunities for recreation. Climb, descend, ride to work, and everything in between gets covered with these trail and mountain e-MTBs.

Superdelite GT Touring

The endurance athlete.

Power for long rides, comfortable riding enjoyment and state-of-the-art safety technology – the Superdelite is the E-Bike that lets you undertake much more than everyday riding.

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Like most components on your bike, an electric bike battery will eventually wear out, not hold a charge, and need to be replaced. It's important to properly dispose of your old battery, and that's why we work with Call2Recycle to safely and responsibly recycle batteries! 

When you purchase any new e-bike from us, we charge a $15 battery recycling fee to encourage you to return that battery back at the end of its life. You can also recycle batteries from bikes you didn't purchase from us for $15 each. This fee covers the safe packaging, shipping, and processing of your battery.

e-bike battery recycling