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NorcoNew 2022 Models Available Now

Driven By Passion & Performance 

Norco has been making bicycles for over fifty years, and they just keep getting better. Norco bikes are high quality and innovative, built so you can enjoy the best ride you've ever been on. We have a huge selection of Norco bikes for you to choose from, learn more below or visit any of our locations to check them out. 

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Mountain Bikes - Seek Adventure

We have an excellent selection of Norco mountain bikes that are ideally suited for our local trails, plus a team of friendly cycling enthusiasts on hand to answer all of your MTB questions. If you're looking for your first mountain bike or if you want to upgrade to the latest trail bike, we have an option for you. 

Cross Country:

Versatile Off-road Capability

XC Race:

Ready to Race

Optic + Fluid

Fun and Fast

All Mountain:

Tackle Any Trail

Urban - Integrate Riding Into Daily Life

If you're looking for a comfortable, capable, do-it-all city bike for getting around town, commuting, and adventuring with confidence, Norco offers the Scene, Indie or Indie VTL e-bike to compliment your perfect ride. 

Norco Commuter Bikes

Rediscover The Outdoors With Your Kids

Our line of Norco kids' bikes are the perfect way to get your youngster away from screens and back to nature. Whether you're ready to pick up your new kid's bike today or need a little help choosing the right model, we're here to help.


Like most components on your bike, an electric bike battery will eventually wear out, not hold a charge, and need to be replaced. It's important to properly dispose of your old battery, and that's why we work with Call2Recycle to safely and responsibly recycle batteries! 

When you purchase any new e-bike from us, we charge a $15 battery recycling fee to encourage you to return that battery back at the end of its life. You can also recycle batteries from bikes you didn't purchase from us for $15 each. This fee covers the safe packaging, shipping, and processing of your battery.

e-bike battery recycling