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Women Riders Rock!

Let’s Inspire Each Other’s Cycling Ambitions

As a women-owned and operated bike shop, Bingham Cyclery is beyond proud to be an integral part of helping more women enjoy the benefits of cycling every day. Better yet, the first Saturday of May is International Women’s Mountain Biking Day, meaning we get to shine a special light on celebrating riders around the globe who identify as women. Join us in celebrating the many joys that cycling brings to our lives. We have bikes and gear to expedite your transportation or trail exploration to new friends and cycling freedom.


Back in 2018, we had a dream: Our very own women's race. We partnered with WomenMTB and Bike Utah through their Midweek Race Series and the Midweek Women's Mini-Enduro Race Series was born! 2022 marks the fifth year of the race and the first year with TWO races. This series is perfect for new riders considering racing and long-standing badass women who love to rip. WomenMTB also offers MTB Race Prep Clinics for those that want to go at it with all the tools in their proverbial pack. Join us this year and make some new memories with incredible women!

join us for a ride

Ride with WomenMTB

Connect and grow with other women who ride bikes and want to build a riding environment we all deserve that’s free of negativity and judgements. Build skills, meet like-minded ladies or learn about helpful tuning tips for your bike. Founded and operated by women, this group can be your newest riding ally.

Wildflower Cycling Club

Goals of this club are to get more women riding, learning and simply having more fun! With weekly group rides and a variety of classes, not only will you get the opportunity to improve your road or mountain bike riding with a group of well qualified and equipped women, you’ll have access to special member offerings and events.

Little Bellas

We can’t leave out the little ladies in our lives. Little Bellas uses mountain biking programs to bring together girls ages 7 to 13. Female mentors will work with the girls to foster goal setting, teamwork and a healthy lifestyle. Girls that join will ride once a week and be given challenges in a friendly and fun environment.

explore our favorite routes

We’re fortunate to have all the access to endless amounts of riding. We want to make the decision easy for you in hopes of getting you rolling faster without compromising the destination. We have rides for every type of rider and can’t wait to show you our most loved mountain, road or electric style rides.


Make your first rides fun rides!

This Corner Canyon "lollypop" loop takes you up a dirt road to warm up, and onto some flowing singletrack. There's a bit of challenge, but you'll be all smiles on the descent back!


Hone your climbing and descending skills!

This scenic Salt Lake City loop starts with a classic "Wasatch Warm-up" climb, but rewards your effort with a super-fun descent that's perfect for improving those bike handling skills.


The Crest is the best!

There's a reason this ride is so popular. Ok, there are several reasons: Views, punchy climbs, technical rocks, and swoopy aspen-lined singletrack!


Looking for new routes to ride from home? Wondering where the closest bike path is? Download the People for Bikes RideSpot App and have our pre-planned routes at your fingertips!

explore our favorite new bikes

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enjoy every ride more with the right gear

It’s As Easy As MTB

Riding rough terrain exceeds the fun meter, but also means you’ll want you and your bike to be a little more prepared to take on the lively challenge. We’ve picked out a selection of our favorite MTB gear go-tos to help you go further and faster on your mountain rides.

Road Gear & Goods

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, proper gear is key to enjoying road cycling. A lightweight helmet, cushioned bibs, protective eyewear and shoes that clip you in can all make riding more pleasant, giving you more opportunity to improve your performance.

Commuting Or Cruising, No Problem!

No matter what goals you have in mind when you’re riding to work or simply meandering along a path, you want to be able to carry what you need with ease, comfort, safety and accessibility. We can help you find the right racks, packs and parts to accessorize you and your bike.