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Royal Dutch Gazelle

Combining a proud Dutch design heritage with modern technology, Gazelle electric bikes are equal parts beautiful, dependable, and powerful.

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Commute in Comfort

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How Gazelle stands apart

Designed and assembled at their Dutch factory for over 100 years, Gazelle bikes are the physical embodiment of craftsmanship and care, offering a uniquely delightful ride experience.Dutch Flag

Technology you can trust

Gazelle electric bikes are Bosch-powered and feature safe, reliable, and durable motors, batteries, and displays. Certified to the UL 2849 standard, the Bosch eBike System is best in class for consumer safety.

It's all in the details

Top-end components from belts to brakes ensure a smooth and reliable ride and low-maintenance ease. Gazelle electric bikes are specced with quality parts from partners like Shimano, Enviolo, and Gates to perform capably in all conditions.

Enjoy the ride

Dutch bikes are comfortable, practical, and durable. You’ll feel this through Gazelle’s comfort-oriented design, with accessible and stable frames, relaxed geometry, integrated suspension, wide tires, and ergonomic features.

Designed for the destination…

…not the ride. Gazelle ebikes come loaded with useful accessories to make life on two wheels easy, fun, and safe, including integrated lighting, heavy duty rear racks for cargo or kids, fenders, and chain and belt guards to protect clothing.


Gazelle Eclipse

Adventure, unlimited. Introducing the all new Gazelle Eclipse, an e-bike that seamlessly combines design, power, and precision for an extraordinary ride. 

It's Gazelle’s first-ever Class 3 bike with a step-through frame option. It features a UL-certified Bosche Bike Systems 750Wh battery. It's also the first Bosch SmartSystem Performance Line Speed bike in the US. Gazelle’s widest tires, brightest lighting, and newly-designed charge port. Exceptional engineering and design creates an exceedingly comfortable riding position on a performance bike.

Gazelle Ultimate

Sleek, sportive, and dynamic. The Gazelle Ultimate family offers award-winning design, expertly marrying dynamic performance and premium comfort. Loaded with top-of-the-range components, ergonomic features, and powerful Bosch eBike Systems, Gazelle Ultimates offer a ride like no other. Sleek battery integration within the frame creates an eye-catching appearance, while its high capacity delivers a generous range suited to all sorts of adventures.

Gazelle Medeo

Modern, fun, and functional. The Gazelle Medeo family offers quality, reliability, and affordability. These hard-working bikes come fully loaded with our standard complement of accessories and powerful Bosch eBike Systems to take you on rides far and wide with confidence. With an active to sportive seating position, Gazelle Medeos are perfect for commuters and athletic riders looking for a fast and responsive ride.

Gazelle Arroyo

Easy, elegant, comfortable.The Gazelle Arroyo is a beautifully designed companion for smooth riding and classic Dutch style at its finest. Featuring top of the line components, an approachable low-step frame, relaxed riding position, and integrated Bosch e-bike technology, the Arroyo is equal parts capable and comfortable. The Arroyo is an all-arounder for trips of any type or duration, thanks to a powerful motor, high capacity battery, and thoughtful accessories.


Gazelles in the wild...

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make it yours

Gazelle accessories

We are thrilled to announce of Gazelle-branded accessories in North America! Featuring durable materials, clever design and high-functionality. Born out of Dutch practicality with European style, this gear will enhance your ride and your commute!

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Over 130 Years of R&D

Gazelle bikes have a long and proud history, dating back to 1892! To ensure each bike lives up to this heritage and quality promise, Gazelle bikes are put through a battery of tests in the factory test lab.

electric bike batteries

What are E-Bike Battery Best Practices?

E-bikes and the batteries that power them are safe when properly used and maintained.  Make sure you have the Owner’s Manual and any additional literature supplied with the e-bike. In coordination with the National Bicycle Dealers Association, we encourage adherence to the following guidelines to ensure maximum safety, utility, and life of your new e-bike and its amazing power pack.

E-Bike Battery Best Practices


Like most components on your bike, an electric bike battery will eventually wear out, not hold a charge, and need to be replaced. It's important to properly dispose of your old battery, and that's why we work with Call2Recycle to safely and responsibly recycle batteries! 

When you purchase any new e-bike from us, we charge a $15 battery recycling fee to encourage you to return that battery back at the end of its life. You can also recycle batteries from bikes you didn't purchase from us for $15 each. This fee covers the safe packaging, shipping, and processing of your battery.

e-bike battery recycling